Photo by Rob Palmer

The Affiliate Program Overview

The Affiliate Program is a new program that formalizes the same support we have offered falconry clubs for decades, but now we offer even more! As an Affiliate of The Archives of Falconry, your organization can receive annual donations of raffle or auction items for your events, exclusive presentations and webinars, a quarterly newsletter, representation of the organization on The Archives’ website, and tagging on social media. Most importantly, The Archives provides technical support to clubs interested in preserving their history, including free space on our digital archive system.

The Affiliate Program

In return, the organization or club must register as an affiliate with The Archives on an annual basis, free of charge, and provide their membership with information on how to become a member of The Archives of Falconry. Clubs or organizations are expected to display flyers at their events and information from The Archives on their website (if applicable).

Club Support FROM The Archives

"As an Archives Affiliate organization, you will receive the following support:”

  • Annual donation of non-accession books and other items to support raffle and auction for club events (with 1 month advance notice of event)
  • Archives presentations at club events (with 1 month advance notice of event)
  • Access to presentations, webinars, or other exclusive TAF content as available
  • Digital storage for club-related historical records on our digital archive.
  • Free professional guidance and regarding preservation of club records and related history.
  • Quarterly Newsletter from The Archives oriented to falconry organizations
  • The Archives will display your club logo and links on The Archives’ webpage
  • Featured posts & tagging on social media (if organization/club has a Facebook or Instagram page)
  • Special opportunities to highlight the falconry, hunting, and conservation efforts of your country, state or region in The Archives’ educational posts and e-newsletters
Club Support FOR The Archives

"As an Affiliate organization, we request the following support:"

  • Disseminate Archives membership information to active members via platforms such as club email, newsletters, or social media (Archives will provide links).
  • Display provided flyers at club/organization events and meets
  • Share provided images on social media (if you have accounts on social media)
  • Place affiliate logo and membership link on club/organization website (if you have one)
  • These images, flyers, and links will be provided to your organization’s point of contact by The Archives’ communications manager once per quarter.
What is the Value?

For the Archives:
State, regional, and national falconry clubs are often the only geographic locus of organized falconry, serving both as a source of contemporary knowledge about local practices, practitioners and conditions. These groups are also keepers of institutional memory about local traditions, material culture, and falconers who have passed on. These are all vital resources for preserving falconry history, both past and present. Furthermore, this affiliate program can help disseminate Archives messaging and encourage member support, visitors, customers, and donors.

For Clubs/Organizations: The Archives of Falconry is an enduring, global repository for our sport’s history, art, technology, literature, contemporary practices and enduring passion. Every falconry collective has a vested interest in representation and participation in The Archives, both for the sake of posterity and for access to relevant, valuable resources that can enrich and improve your local practice.

The Bottom Line:
This program opens the doors for your organization to be represented on a global stage and preserved for future generations of falconers.