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William "Mike" Brewer

1945 - 2019

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William Michael “Mike” Brewer was born in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma and always had a love of the outdoors. He spent much of his time gardening, taking photos, and flying his birds. Very well liked for his friendliness and gentle demeanor, Mike was popular in the community of Pauls Valley, especially at the movies.

Mike was the owner and operatorof The Royal Theater in Pauls Valley and was famous for the serious dedication he had for making the movies a wonderful visit for every family. He and his wife, Revae, were married in 1971 and had a daughter, Angela whose middle name is Robin after the bird Mike saw outside the window when she was born.

Mark Shields

Many falconers, both in Oklahoma and in other states, look back fondly on their times hawking with Mike. Friends can recount trips to Colorado to checkout peregrine eyries as well as driving to the beach to band falcons on migration. Mike left a grand impression on all those he interacted with through his love of nature and birds. He is dearly missed.

We spent many fine days roaming around the countryside with our falcons searching for ducks. Mike was a great falconer and friend.

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