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The Archives of Falconry

The Archives of Falconry was founded in 1986 by several visionary falconers who were also leaders of the renowned raptor conservation organization, The Peregrine Fund. We have since grown into the leading repository of falconry material culture, literature, and historical records. The Archives collects and preserves falconry heritage and the legacy of notable falconers, including their correspondence, memorabilia, art, literature, crafts, and life stories. The Archives also interprets significant events in falconry history and celebrates the role of falconers in the birth of raptor conservation.

We are a destination for falconers, sportsmen and women, scholars, journalists, and other interested public - to visit, support, learn, and explore this ancient connection between humans and birds of prey.

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Collection Highlights

Widmeier sketch

Widmeier sketch

The First Jump by Robert Widmeier, pen and ink. Object ID 1991.18.39

Book: Falconry in the British Isles

Falconry in the British Isles

Major Charles Hawking Fisher's personal copy, Object ID 1986.2.41

Hawking bag

Hawking bag - John Moran

Detail from a custom-decorated leather hawking bag. Object ID 2009.67.1

Karl Mollen Hood

Karl Mollen Hood

Object ID 2005.60.1

Life with an Indian Prince

Life with an Indian Prince

By John J. and Frank C. Craighead Jr. Object ID 2001.99.1

Gene Johnson Painting

Homecoming by Gene Johnson (1996)

Poster Series NAFA Field Meet Prints 1979-2019. Object ID 2021.FIC.124

Animal Waterer


Burnished Chinese "Hu Lu" or "Hawk-Waterer." Object ID 1992.30.1

Plate from Ehon Taka Kagami

Plate from Ehon Taka Kagami

Book by Kyosai Kawanabe. Object ID 1994.25.1

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Books, Manuscripts, & Periodicals




Falconry Material Culture


Archival Documents, Photos, & Film

Al Nye emerging from the sand after capturing a peregrine (October 24, 1940).

"Doc" (Robert) Stabler with Lady Mary and Mirza (Peregrines) and Bonnie (Goshawk). His personal library started The Archives of Falconry collection and attracted many others.

Robert Berry conducted original research on breeding goshawks in captivity and was the first to inseminate a raptor artificially using imprinted on humans.

Colonel Russell Luff Meridith (1892-1965) known as "The Father of American Falconry."

Jim Weaver fosters the first two captive produced peregrine young into a wild peregrine eyrie.

Bill Burnham, past President of The Peregrine Fund, who served the organization for over 30 years.

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Our Mission

To collect, preserve, and interpret global falconry history, art, literature, and material culture.

Our Purpose

To protect, educate, and ably defend the history of falconry as a meaningful heritage.

Our Vision

The Archives of Falconry will reach, engage, and inspire a diverse world community of falconers, sportsmen and women, scholars, journalists, and other interested public with compelling programs and prominent online resources.